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Artist Talk: Transcendence given by Dr. Zu at China Cultural Centre in Sydney

On 11th of April, Chinese-Australian artist Zu Tianli delivered a talk titled Transcendence at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, in concurrence with the ongoing exhibition of Elemental–Contemporary Multimedia Installations.

Predicated on her own creative practice, Dr. Zu elucidated the transcendental and harmonious process of artistic creation, combining both experiences from western as well as Chinese folk artists. Quintessential examples listed by Dr. Zu were the artworks from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, American artist Brice Marden, German artist Joseph Beuys, and American-French artist Louise Bourgeois respectively. Dr. Zu also expounded the relationship between the artist’s personal experience, expression of emotion and the process of artistic creations based on the elaboration of artworks from Zhang Linzhao, the Chinese master of paper-cutting. Resting on her own art creative practice, Dr Zu Tianli suggested that one could achieve self transcendence and harmony throughout conscious and sub-conscious artistic creations.

After the talk, the audience gathered in exhibition room, appreciating the artwork and interacting with Dr. Zu Tianli. Being an Australian-Chinese multimedia artist, Zu previously studied at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and later achieved her PhD degree in Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) at the University of Sydney. In recent years, her contemporary art practice has incorporated numbers of technological aspects, constantly seeking co-existence in the imbalanced world of nature and scientific technology. 

Curated by Prof. Colin Rhodes, Dean of the Sydney College of Arts at the University of Sydney; and created by Dr Zu Tianli, Elemental is a series of installations consisting of hand-cutouts, animation and light projection, creating a sense of visual discourse, and communicates with the audience in a non-verbal context.

The Exhibition was from 19th March to 11th April, lasting for approximately one month. 

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