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Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney interviewed by ABC News

On 12th of May, Mrs. Zhao Li, Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney, was interviewed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC News), introducing the current exhibition of “Jewish Refugees and Shanghai” in the Centre.

During the interview, Mrs. Zhao Li emphasised that the story of Jewish refugees and Shanghai represented the history through which people defended their lives and dignity. Zhao continued that since this year being the 70th year of peace since the end of World War II, and the large number of Jewish refugees who settled down in Australia after the war, the Centre decided to join hands with Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum to hold this exhibition, hoping that people would remember the history and cherish times of peace.

The Director thanked former Shanghai Jewish refugees and their descendants who have given huge support to this exhibition. Zhao expressed her appreciation towards those senior Shanghailanders who came to the Centre and recounted their stories in Shanghai.

The exhibition was greatly welcomed by the Australian general public, especially the Jewish communities; and it was visited by constant streams of visitors on a daily basis. 

Also being interviewed was the former Shanghai Jewish resident Mr. Dan Moalem. Mr. Moalem gave an account of his family history in Shanghai, and the experience of living in a camp during Japan’s invasion. He also extended his gratitude to the Chinese people for their tolerance and compassion, which provided them the chance to survive. ABC News also conducted interviews with visitors to the exhibition. 

Based on the collections from Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, the exhibition is consisted of six parts, namely,“Fleeing to Shanghai”, “Refugee Life in Shanghai”, “Hongkew Ghetto”, “Affectionate Neighborhood”, “Leaving Shanghai”, and “Unforgettable History” respectively. “Jewish Refugees and Shanghai” showcases 22 characters’ real experiences with up to 200 pictures, and displays a number of replica of historical documents and artefacts, comprehensively illustrating how Shanghai local residents and Jewish refugees went through the difficult times during World War II.

On completion of the tour in Sydney on 20th of May, the exhibition will later travel to the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Melbourne in August 2015. This exhibition was also previously held in Germany, Israel, the United States and Hungary. 

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