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“Third China Australia Literary Forum” opened in China Cultural Centre in Sydney

The opening ceremony of “Third China Australia Literary Forum” was held at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney on the night of 28th Aug 2015, participated by noted writers from both China and Australia, namely, Chinese popular novelist Yu Hua, Chair of the China Writers Association Tie Ning, Sichuan novelist A Lai, renowned writer Alexis Wright, leading Australian poet John Tranter, and emerging talents Fiona McFarlane and Michael Mohammed Ahmad, among others.

As a highly-regarded platform for both Australian and Chinese distinguished authors, literary enthusiasts as well as publishers alike, the China Australia Literary Forum (CALF III) provides a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas and to develop a deeper understanding of their respective literary worlds.

“Chinese Australia Literary Forum has not only created an opportunity for Chinese and Australian writers to communicate and share, but also provided a platform for these two nations to deepen mutual understanding towards each other”, Mr.Shu Xiao, the Cultural Counselor of P.R. China of Australia said. 

“This collaboration between the China Writers Association and the Writing and Society Research Centre at the Western Sydney University, the Third China Australia Literary Forum brings together an eminent group of Chinese writers to Sydney to meet with an equally impressive group of Australian writers”, introduced by Mrs. Denise Kirkpatrick, Vice-President of Western Sydney University. 

“Since the last Forum, Chinese literature has made progress, inspired by new changes and reforms in China, Chinese writers have been able to produce more creative works. In the meantime, foreign writers and readers have become very interested in Chinese literary work contributed to large numbers of international literary exchange programs”, Tie Ning, Chair of the China Writers Association pointed out.

She continued to emphasize that “China and Australia should enhance literary translation cooperation in the future to achieve mutual understanding in a much deeper sense.”

During the opening ceremony, Chinese and Australian writers also took the opportunity to share excerpts of their works with the present audience. 

The writers will come together for a one-day forum on 29th August featuring in depth panel discussions on topics including: What is the role and function of literature? How does literature imagine and engage with the world? How far is translation possible?
“This are big questions, and I’m sure that this evening and tomorrow, there will be many different perspectives, I hope you’ll all be challenged and stretched as you consider these questions”, Mrs. Kirkpatrick added.
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