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China Cultural Centre in Sydney welcomed accountant training group from China

An accountant training group from China’s cultural sector, visited the China Cultural Centre in Sydney on 12th September.

Shown around by Mrs. Zhao Li, the Director of the Centre, the training group had a comprehensive tour of the premises.

“With an interior area of 750 square metres, China Cultural Centre in Sydney has been designed and renovated as an exquisite space with both modern features and traditional elements. The Centre has an art gallery, a multi-purpose hall, a library and classrooms”, Director Zhao Li introduced during the tour.

Shortly after seeing around, all the people were guided into the library for a brief catch up and exchange of ideas. Mrs. Zhao Li also took the opportunity to further explain the main functions of the Centre. 

She said:“The Centre has three core functions, which are holding cultural events, such as exhibitions, performances, seminars, panel discussion, film screenings etc on a regular basis; having training courses, as in language classes, Tai Chi workshops as well as traditional Chinese painting classes and so on; providing information services, for instance the Centre utilises the library to offer easy access to the general public and to create a friendly environment for the learning of Chinese culture”.

Ended by taking group pictures with the staff in the Centre, the training group had a fruitful stay in Sydney. 

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