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Inheritors of Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage brought folk art workshop to China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Australian local schools

Mesmerising demonstrations of Palm Leaf Weaving, Miao Painting, Meishan Paper Cutting and Dabu River Embroidery left a great impression on guests and audiences during the opening of the “Amazing Hunan” Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition.

Along with the Exhibition, China Cultural Centre in Sydney organised a special workshop on 17th October. Focused on the introduction and practise of traditional Chinese folk art from Hunan Province, it allows Australian general public to appreciate the creative techniques from Hunan art masters. 

Four inheritors of Hunan Intangible Cultural Heritage gathered in the Centre, introducing and demonstrating the creative processes of Changsha Palm Leaf Weaving, Miao Fabric Painting, Meishan Paper Cutting and Dabu River Embroidery.

“This workshop gives us a chance to see such delicate art works from China, they are amazing, and there is no way for us to see them in Australia”, said one of the participants.
History, features, styles and meanings of each art work was also explained by the artists during the workshop. With the guidance and help from four inheritors, all participants of the workshop had a chance to practise their own designs and crafts. 

“I love these paper cut-outs, and thanks to China Cultural Centre in Sydney for offering this wonderful class to us to enjoy and practise. I’ll definitely bring my work home and show it to my daughter”, said a Sydney local resident who joined the Meishan Paper Cutting group in the workshop.

The inheritors also gave away examples of their own work to the participants as gifts, and had group pictures taken afterwards. 

In conjunction with the workshop, China Cultural Centre in Sydney also arranged five classes at Mosman High School and Sydney Secondary School Leichhardt Campus, sending four folk artists from Hunan to teach and instruct local students in traditional Chinese folk art from 19th to 21st October.
Welcomed by local teachers and students, the inheritors introduced and vividly explained their unique artistic skills and techniques to everyone in the class. With demonstration and individual guidance from the artists and volunteers from the Centre, students were able to create their own art work, showing them to one another excitedly.
“I really enjoyed this class, and I got to experience these awesome art works that I can’t see from textbooks”, said one of the local students.
“It’s really good to see all students are engaged in these classes. Classes like these enrich every student’s learning at school, and help them improve their practical skills”, said a local teacher.
The “Amazing Hunan” Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition will continue until 15th November, with four inheritors’ artworks displayed at the Centre.
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