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Fujian puppetry performance received warm welcome from Australian local schools

In conjunction with the Workshop on the Ratification and Implementation of the 2003 Convention for Pacific States, the International Training Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region (CRIHAP) and China Cultural Centre in Sydney organised a Fujian puppetry performance in Sydney local high schools.

The puppetry performance was arranged in Australian International Academy and Marsden High School on 30th October and 3rd November respectively. 

The students were captivated by the enchanting scenes and entertaining scenarios, as well as the skilled performance from the artists.

“This puppetry performance has so far been the most popular show to our students. It really provides an opportunity for Australian young students to experience different cultures. I hope China Cultural Centre in Sydney will bring more Chinese cultural activities to our school in the future”, said the Principal of Australian International Academy, Kellyville Campus. 

“Marsden High School encourages multiculturalism. The diversity of Chinese culture has broadened students’ horizon, and this Fujian puppetry performance is such a great cultural experience”, said Gus Vrolyk, Principal of Marsden High School.
This puppetry show was performed by the visiting Fujian Puppetry Delegation, which includes Quanzhou Marionette Drama, Jinjiang Hand Puppet Art Heritage Protection Centre, and Zhangzhou Puppetry Troupe, who also delivered an excellent performance on the opening of the Workshop on 2nd November at the Centre.
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