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Chinese New Year Exhibition finishes with great success

As the “Hands-on Experience of Chinese New Year” exhibition draws near to an end, the China Cultural Centre in Sydney welcomed another 200 students from six local schools to visit the Centre to learn about Chinese New Year. This took place on the 24th and 25th of February, achieving a successful completion of this year’s Chinese New Year exhibition.

With informative slides and video material presented at the beginning of each visit, the Centre’s staff described distinctive features of the Chinese New Year, including the origin of Lunar New Year, traditional food and its meaning, history, popular celebration activities, as well as values and core beliefs of Chinese people.

Along with the presentation, questions such as, “Why do Chinese people celebrate Chinese New Year?”, and “What does the Chinese New Year mean to Chinese people” were explained by the presenter, helping the students to have a deeper understanding of the significance of this traditional Chinese festival. 

“Chinese New Year is an embodiment of the great richness of the Chinese cultural elements. It represents the core values of the Chinese nation in cherishing family, social harmony and mutual assistance,” said the presenter.

Hands-on activities related to the Chinese New Year were undoubtedly the most exhilarating moment for students visiting the exhibition. A range of authentic experiences provided students with the chance to practice Chinese calligraphy and paper-cutting, take photos in Chinese traditional costumes, and also receive their own Chinese names, written for them by Chinese folk artists. 

“Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful event for our students, we really appreciate it”, said one of the teachers from a participating school.
This year’s Chinese New Year exhibition has been well received by local residents from various age groups, including several hundreds of young visitors from local schools, as well as a continued flow of adult participants throughout the month.
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