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Selected Chinese Ink Paintings Exhibited in China Cultural Centre (Sydney)

Titled “Chinese Style”, an exhibition contains 40 pieces national-level Chinese ink paintings was opened at China Cultural Centre on 15th December.

Exhibited items portray various themes as figures, landscapes and natural scenery, delivering a peaceful and enchanting overall feeling through characteristic skills and techniques of Chinese ink painting. Created by a number eminent artists such as Daoxing Zhang, Baolin Li and Gengxi Zhan, these artworks represent the national level of Chinese art and showcase the brilliance of Chinese culture. 

“What most Chinese painters are trying to express is not what meets the eye, but their attitude to the Nature, the Universe and the Life, I hope that these paintings on display can speak to you and connect you,” said H.E. Mr. Gu Xiaojie, Consul-General of China in Sydney .
As the co-host of the exhibition, China National Academy of Painting is reputable for artistic creation and research in China, and the leading organization in the art industry. It also aims to promote cultural exchange and enhance relationship between Chinese art and that of foreign countries.

(Image credit: LAI Hailong, Chinanews.com)

“This exhibition includes some most traditional and representative ink paintings, showcasing the excellence of Chinese contemporary art; it is also hoped that these pieces can exhibit to Australian audiences the innovative development pursued by the Chinese artists,” said Mr. Ji Lianbin, Assistant President of China National Academy of Painting.

This exhibition is part of the “Chinese Style — the International Touring Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting Collection of Fine Arts”, which has been held in the US, France, the UK, Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Thailand, Mauritius and Malta together with forums and lectures to promote a mutual understanding between Chinese and foreign art. 

As an exhibition that seeks to introduce Chinese culture through the fusion of traditional and modern artistic elements, it provides the access for both art professionals and cultural enthusiasts to improve their perception of Chinese culture.

“With the increase of Chinese new immigrants in Sydney, we have continuously seen and been fascinated by the vibrancy and brilliance of Chinese culture; I hope this high quality exhibition can serve as a good channel to enhance our understanding towards China,” said Councillor Robert Kok, who delivered a speech on behalf of the Lord Mayor Clover Moore. 

“I feel privileged to join this opening tonight, and I would like to thank China Cultural Centre for bringing such high-level artistic pieces to Australia; owing to an array of programs collaborated between Sydney College of the Arts and China Cultural Centre, such as art students exchange and Chinese contemporary art exhibition, Australian artists and students have the opportunity to experience Chinese society and its culture,” said Professor Margaret Harris, Acting Dean of Sydney College of the Arts.

“I’m very impressed by tonight’s exhibition, and look forward to learning more about Chinese art through such event,” Professor Harris added.

This exhibition will be displayed in China Cultural Centre from 16 December 2016 to 18 January 2017. 

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