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Chinese cultural sessions continue to engage interest of local residents

As part of the “Chinese Cultural Experience Series” run by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, Chinese ink painting and Qi Gong classes continue to engage local residents in the understanding of and appreciation for Chinese traditional culture.

In painting class, participants were instructed in the stylistic method of drawing monkeys (the Chinese zodiac animal for 2016). Students were also introduced on the history and features of Chinese ink painting, as well as its distinction compared with oil painting, so as to ensure a sound understanding of the uniqueness of this craft. Students have shown great interest and have had lively interactions during the class, being able to grasp the basic skills and methods.

Instructor Zhang also spent time introducing the history and features of Qi Gong (particularly with a focus on its effect on sub-optimal health treatment), followed by a brief explanation of the aim and effects one could expect to achieve through regular and continued application. 

“Regular practise of Qi Gong can help people achieve physical and mental balance, reducing stress and bringing relaxation”, Mrs. Zhang said.

“I feel very relaxed and refreshed after Qi Gong practise.” said one of the participants.

After the continued success in holding these Chinese cultural experience sessions (such as Chinese Traditional Festival, Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Traditional Handcraft), the China Cultural Centre will continue to bring other cultural activities with themes such as Chinese food, tea ceremony, etc., aiming to allow larger audiences to experience Chinese culture in a relaxing atmosphere. 

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