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“Tempo of China” showcases charm and vitality in Chinese contemporary society

With a rich history behind its culture and civilisation, China tends to be associated with its ancient origins by the vast majority of onlookers, with modern China’s current form and social vibe unconsciously being downplayed or overlooked entirely.

Filling the gap that exists within people’s mind between old Chinese society and the modernity of China has become the very purpose of “Tempo of China”, a photographic exhibition aimed at highlighting and sharing China’s contemporary spirit with the world.

With 50 photographs handpicked from over one thousand preliminary entries (all displayed within the China Cultural Center in Sydney), not only does the exhibition establish an authentic picture of Chinese contemporary society, but also presents the fusion of modernity and antiquity. The exhibition displays the transitional trajectory of China’s modernisation through myriad of unique aspects – namely, spectacular landscapes and architectures, enchanting natural scenery, and the celebration of people of all ages and activities from various Chinese ethnic groups.

Demonstrating brilliant photographic and technical skills through mesmerising and artistic displays, the exhibition provides a unique angle to perceive and define the tempo of the Chinese nation by capturing glimmers of the sublime with the dynamism and exuberance exhibited in today’s modern China.

“Tempo of China” will be displayed in China Cultural Centre in Sydney from 4th to 31st of March. 

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