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Chinese Thangka Art Exhibition opened at China Cultural Centre

A unique Thangka art exhibition, featuring 27 ancient and contemporary Tibetan Buddhist paintings, was opened at China Cultural Centre in Sydney on 20 May.

“It is the second time that China Cultural Centre presents shows on religious arts” says China Cultural Centre’s Director Zhao Li. “It is hoped that this exhibition could enable a better understanding on Chinese religious arts and its influence on the Chinese culture and ways of life”.

Jackie Menzies, Emeritus Director for Asian Arts, Art Gallery of New South Wales, commented on this exhibition as a show that demonstrates in an exquisite way the features, teachings and contents of Tibetan Buddhism. 

City of Sydney Councillor Robert Kok, who was also present at the opening ceremony, expressed his gratitude to China Cultural Centre for bringing over a great variety of shows to Sydney that contribute to the multicultural dynamism and cultural calendar of the city.
Chinese Thangka Art Exhibition Curator Raymond Wang shared his stories with Thangka in a talk following the opening ceremony. He explained the special characteristics of Thangka art in terms of subjects, pigments, painting methods and usage. The fact that Thangka artists dedicated themselves to painting as a way of meditation has touched the audience present.

Renqing Cairang, a renowned Thangka artist, made a live demonstration on the painting of Thangka. The pigments made of precious minerals, such as gold, silver, cinnabar, agate and malachite, as well as the way that exquisite lines are produced were truly an “eye-opening” experience according to an exhibition visitor.

This exhibition will be on till 25 June. 

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