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Health Qigong Workshop brings relaxing weekend to local residents

Stressed from work and daily routine, city inhabitants are in desperate need of a getaway from the hustle and bustle. Organised and presented by China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Tai Chi Fitness Australia, a simple, easy, efficient and relaxing Qigong workshop makes possible a laid-back weekend to Sydneysiders.

“Health Qigong has been scientifically researched by numerous professors, and proved to have remarkable result in solving stress and aging problems,” introduced by Professor Hua, lecturer from Wuhan Sports University and the instructor for this one-day workshop.

The workshop contains a brief presentation with regard to basic knowledge of Chinese Qigong and the purpose of the course, followed by practise guided by Professor Hua. 

“In our specially designed workshop, you are going to experience “qi” like running water that washes your stiffness straight away. You will be toned to the highest relaxation level with a peaceful mind. You will also try to meditate and experience the rhythm of abdomen breathing in your body”, explained by Professor Hua.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to relax, and experience the culture of Chinese Qigong,” said one participant during the break.

With individual guidance given to each participant, the instructor also gives suggestions to students regarding self practise after the workshop, encouraging people to exercise regularly so as to achieve long-term benefit. 

A certificate has also been conferred on each student for their participation after the course.
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