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“Beautiful Zhejiang Cultural Festival” reveals charm of Southern China

The year of 2016 witnesses the exhilarating cooperation between China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Culture Department of Zhejiang Province.

With an eclectic range of cultural events to be expected in the following months, “Integration & Redesign”, a Zhejiang creative design exhibition featuring innovative designs of daily appliances, officially set off the Cultural Festival on 8th of July. 

“Zhejiang has a rich cultural deposit, and also is one of the most dynamic provinces in China; I hope this cultural festival will open a window for deeper understanding and mutual appreciation between Australia and Zhejiang; we’re also looking forward to seeing Australian artists and friends to come to Zhejiang, experiencing its beauty and charm in person”, said Mr. Lai Yingjie, Director General of Information Office, the People’s Government of Zhejiang.

Exhibited items are of representation of excellent works created for daily life, seeking to present the beauty and charm of Zhejiang Province through the idea of practicality, delicacy, elegance and innovation, which can be seen from the designed products. 

“Zhejiang Cultural Festival brings us beautiful exhibitions, seminars, modern dances, and even fashion shows in the coming months, I’m sure the festival will be a great success”, said Mr. Zhang Yingbao, Cultural Counselor, representing H.E. Mr. Gu Xiaojie, Consul General of China in Sydney.

Another distinctive feature of the exhibition is the noticeable reflection of the ancient Chinese philosophy — “Harmony of Man with Nature” through the items. The utilisation of natural materials as silk, bamboo, wood and ceramics bears great testimony to the inheritance and development of the idea, and the integration of of traditional craftsmanship and innovative thought.

“This year-long event is a welcome addition to Sydney’s vibrant cultural life and will speak to both our resident Chinese community and the wider Sydney community, as well as to our interstate and international visitors”, said Robert Kok, Councillor of City of Sydney, Representative of Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

Apart from the “Integration & Redesign” exhibition, Zhejiang Cultural Festival also encompasses various workshops at local schools, and student exchange program. China Cultural Centre in Sydney will also continuously present umbrella fan and silk scarf exhibition, contemporary dance and fashion show in the rest of the year, all as part of and contributing to the brilliance of this year’s Cultural Festival.

“This year marks the cooperation between Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and the China Cultural Centre in Sydney; having successfully held the ‘Chinese Chamber Music Concert’ and ‘Chinese Culture Workshops’, Zhejiang has already achieved a high reputation in Australia with its quality programs”, said Zhao Li, Director of the China Cultural Centre in Sydney.

“The year-long cooperation between Zhejiang and the Centre will continuously present other cultural programs such as ‘The Umbrella Fan Exhibition’, Chinese contemporary dance, fashion show and other musical performances; we are very much looking forward to seeing more surprising and stunning cultural events from Zhejiang Province”, Zhao continued.

During the event, an official acquisition ceremony between Zhejiang Juvenile and Childrens’ Publishing House and the New Frontier Publishing Company was also carried out, witnessed by distinguished guests. 

To enrich the exhibition and this cultural festival, a talk on World Heritage of West Lake Cultural Landscape of Hangzhou & the Chinese Aesthetics was later presented by Mrs. Li Xinfang, Director of Cultural Relics Preservation & Archaeology Department of the Bureau of Cultural Relics of Zhejiang Province.The one-hour presentation gave an exhaustive and vivid account of the cultural landscape through “what is West Lake”, followed by the “Beauty of West Lake”, and the “Influence of West Lake”.
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