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Health Qigong Workshop Enhances Practitioners Skills

Organised by China Cultural Centre in Sydney, a relaxing Qigong workshop was held on 12th November, offering a free opportunity for the Sydney public to improve their skills in practising traditional Chinese health exercise.

With brief explanation of the aim and effects of this course, the two-day workshop mainly focused on the introduction of practical guidance of Qigong. 

“Together with breathing techniques and the usage of energy, Qigong movements aim to achieve the physical and mental balance as well as overall well-being, bringing us peace, health and harmony”, said Professor Yanxia Zhao from China Guizhou Sport University.

As the instructor of the workshop, Professor Zhao is well-known for her knowledge and teaching experience in Qigong both nationally and worldwide.

Researched by numerous Professors, Qigong has been scientifically proved to have remarkable result in solving stress and aging problems.

“Regular practise of Qigong can help people reduce stress, and bring relaxation”, said Professor Zhao.

“I feel really refreshed after Qigong practise; the teacher also taught us how to practice in a more systematic and professional way, it really helps us to achieve a better effect” said one of the participants.

China Cultural Centre regularly organises Tai Chi and Qigong classes on Saturdays from 2:30 to 4:30pm, providing local enthusiasts a chance to enrich their leisure time, and get a glimpse of Chinese culture. 

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