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Prestigious Chinese Music Orchestra made its return to Australian

The prestigious traditional Chinese Orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT) made its return to Australia with the very special musical event — Treasures of A Nation: Chinese New Year Concert 2017 at City Recital Hall on Monday 6 February, hosted by China Cultural Centre (Sydney).

Professionally arranged and heavily relied on Chinese traditional instruments such as sheng, liuqin, and erhu,, the concert exhibited distinct musical styles and traits, embodying a combination of local features from various parts of China, exploring the soul of Chinese culture through the universal language of music.

Led by conductor Hong Xia and principal Gaohu soloist Bo Miao, more than 50 prominent musicians successfully transformed well-known pieces into contemporary style through the integration of both traditional and modern elements.

“This year, we rearrange the program, trying to incorporate different elements and features in each piece, we hope this concert can bring something unique and surprising to the audience”, said Hong Xia.

“This is a fabulous and uplifting performance, I hope to have a deeper understanding about Chinese culture through such high quality event; I’m also looking forward to the Centre’s upcoming ‘Chinese Chamber Music 2017’, and I will bring along my kid to the concert as well”, said Bethwyn Serow, Executive Director of Australian Major Performing Arts Group.

The Chinese Music Orchestra has a history of over 50 years since its establishment. During its performance practice over the past decades, it has formed a unique artistic style and fostered a large number of performers with high artistic attainments.

As a renowned national-level orchestra at home and abroad, Chinese Music Orchestra has accumulated many transitional and popular instrumental music works in the history of Chinese music, which have become long-playing and highly-appreciated repertoires.

The Orchestra will continue their touring trip to Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, and Canberra after the Sydney performance. 

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