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“The World is not Flat” Showcases Chinese Emerging Artists’ talent and potential

Brought by China Cultural Centre (Sydney) and Adelaide Festival Centre, the video art exhibition titled “The World is not Flat” opened in Adelaide on 15th February to exhibit the progress of Chinese moving image art and its unique identity in comparison to other countries and regions.

Curated by renowned Chen Lin and Liu Yiping, and inspired by themes explored in the Thomas L. Friedman bestseller The World is Flat (2005), this unique exhibition covers a wide variety of concepts including poetry expression, virtual creativity, idealism and speculative realism, and aims to break prejudiced ideas of the world through visually reconstructing the space and environment we live in. 

As a response to Thomas L. Friedman’s assertion in “The World Is Flat” that all countries are equal in a globalised economy, 14 participating artists rebutted this argument through the display of their 20 exhibtied works.

“The artists imbue their mind and logic into the moving images, creating works that are diverse and dynamic. They can be expanded limitlessly and represent the artistic epitome of our time and of our mind, demonstrating the synchronisation of the art and the era. The art, without limitation of the era, is independent from all commonness”, said Liu Yiping, co-curator of “The World is not Flat”.

“The works in this exhibition are each representational of their time and their land, and provide the viewer with an insight into Chinese contemporary art. The diversity of these works expresses a glimpse of hope, even despite the concern these artists may have about the diminishing cultural diversity caused by globalisation”, said Chen Lin, the other curator of the exhibition. 

“Undoubtedly the future of moving image art lies in constructing a more diverse and multi-dimensional world. By exploring and expanding its own boundaries while also taking advantage of technological advances brought about by globalisation, it will far surpass the negative effects of the flattening world”, she continued.

These days, as techonology and social media have become important means to and been integrated in visual art, new treands and styles are emerging and heavily influenced.

“Visual art is becoming more diversified and boundless. With the public more accustomed to cross-media artistic creation, it is usually hard to define ‘a single piece of artwork’ as today’s visual art has transcended the expression of any one particular form or medium, rather, it is more often presented as a complicated system or field with various components such as visual images, materials, explanatory texts, etc.” said Chen Li.

“While social media emerging as a new channel for contemporary artists to display and release their new artworks, some social media networks such as Instagram, live streaming platforms have even been taken by artists as the medium of creation.” 

“The idea of showcasing Chinese contemporary arts to Australian people is based on the fact that many people have known or heard something about Chinese traditional culture like martial arts , Peking opera,paper-cuts, but few know contemporary life in China if they haven’t been to China”, Director Zhao Li explained the purpose of hosting such contemporary-theme based exhibition.

“We want to reveal the vibrancy and diversity of modern Chinese society, and most importantly, the latest ideas, observations and thoughts of the creative young generation in China through this particular window, and of cause to enhance the exchanges of the young artists.”

Adelaide Festival Centre’s Artistic Director and CEO Douglas Gautier says, “Adelaide Festival Centre is committed to presenting some of the very best arts and performances from China to its Adelaide audiences, […we] look forward to hosting more wonderful programs to encourage cultural awareness and support the important relationship between China and Australia.”

“The World is not Flat” will be on display at Artspace Gallery, Adelaide Festival Centre till 19th March, and continue its Austrlaian tour to China Cultural Centre (Sydney), serving as the main exhibition for the Centre’s signiture cultural event “Chinese Contemporay Art Month 2017” in April. 

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