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International Taichi & Qigong Workshop highlights Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend in Sydney

Brought together jointly by China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Tai Chi Fitness Australia, a group of Tai Chi lovers had the opportunity to an unique experience of feeling good both inside and out at the International Taichi & Qigong Workshop on Saturday, 10 June 2017. 

It is universally known that the health benefits of practising Taichi is immeasurable. Practising this ancient Chinese martial art can result in reduced stress, anxiety and depression, improved brain function plus many other health benefits, according to scientific studies. As a result, in recent decades, Tai Chi has become a popular activity for all age groups.

Professor WANG Xiaojun began the workshop by a brief presentation with regard to basic knowledge and background information of Chinese Qigong and the purpose of the course. Following the introduction, Prof. Wang start to break down the Tai Chi exercise into each movement components, and tailors the movement to each student’s level.

“This is a great platform for Tai Chi lovers to gather together, the course is very relaxing and is a wonderful experience to feel the culture of Chinese Qigong,” said one participant during the break. 

Participants of the course each received a certificate for their participation at the end of the workshop.

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