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“Discover China – The Charm of Hong Kong Cinema” Lecture offers overview of Hong Kong Cinema to Sydneysiders

The year of 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). To share the joy of this remarkable moment, China Cultural Centre in Sydney is joining hands with Network of International Culturalink Entities and Hong Kong Film Archive to present a specially commissioned event under the theme of “The Charm of Hong Kong Cinema”. 

The five-day event commenced from 20th through to 25th June, with free screenings of five iconic Hong Kong films selected from the flagship programme produced by Hong Kong Film Archive – “100 must see Hong Kong movies”. The free screenings took places at World Square, Eastwood night market and China Cultural Centre (Sydney). The event concluded with a public lecture on the afternoon of Saturday 24th June, delivered by keynote speaker Mr. Sam Ho, a renowned Hong Kong movie critic, program curator, writer and lecturer, which attracted more than 70 people from all walks of life.

Based in Hong Kong and the United States, Ho specialises in the study of Hong Kong cinema,but had also written extensively and curated programs on various aspects of cinema, including films from China, the United States, Europe and other parts of Asia. 

During Director Madame Zhao Li’s welcoming remarks she said:” Since the handover on the 1st of July 1997, with the staunch support of its motherland country, the co-operation of the Mainland provinces and municipalities, Hong Kong has survived from a series of difficulties and has made good progress in its social and economic development.” “Hong Kong is a fascinating metropolis where east meets west, Chinese traditions meets western modernity.” She added, and introduced the Speaker Mr. Sam Ho who discussed on the interaction and integration between Chinese and western cultures through Hong Kong films.

During the lecture, Ho took his audience on a journey of the history and stories behind the development of Hong Kong Cinema that exemplified the integration of Chinese Traditional Culture and Western Modernity. By means of short video clips, Ho began with early stage Kung-fu film in the 50s starred by Bruce Lee that integrated with modern musical elements, followed by a Cha-cha dance film expressed signs of changing youth culture in the 60s, and lastly a Cantonese Opera of a Cantonese Opera legend, Yam-kim Fai filmed using Western filming style. Ho offered interesting perspectives on the concept of how traditional Chinese culture and modern western culture harmoniously co-exist in modern society through Hong Kong Films.

Ho’s 2 hour lecture met with loud applause from the audience, many of whom expressed they were still longing for more. At the end of the lecture, Ho exchanged views with the audience who were present, and answered the questions put forward by them.

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