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“China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks” launched in Sydney, Australia

“China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks” returns to Australia, bigger and better than ever. Containing two exhibitions, two lectures, one performance and two special events, this event aims to invite visitors on an epic journey back to the ancient times in China, spotlights the enduring charms of Chinese civilisation dates back over two thousand years. 

Spearheading a lineup of many popular activities, “Chinese Traditional Music Salon” was held on the afternoon of 22 July, 2017. Invited by the Centre, Mr. Hu Jian, Director of Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra, presented a talk and performance on the topic of “Chinese traditional musical instruments” alongside with his musicians. Large number of traditional music fans of all cultural backgrounds flocked to the Centre for an up close and personal experience on some of the most popular and unique traditional musical instruments of all times, some of which expressed that they are keen to participate in all remaining activities of this wonderful event.

Mr. Hu presented each piece of instrument to the audience with extensive introduction to its origin, history, their unique characteristics and special uses. Musicians of the Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra then captivated the audience with beautiful pieces of classical Chinese musics throughout the talk. Their excellent performances received a standing ovation and a thunderous applause from the audience.

As part of the “China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks” activity series, Music Salon offers a good opportunity to Australian people to better access to traditional Chinese culture through insightful introduction and demonstration of ancient Chinese musical instruments, so as to improve mutual understandings between the people of the two nations. 

“China Intangible Heritage Weeks” will continue through 5 Aug, 2017.

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