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CCC Sydney reveals final episode of “China Intangible Culture Heritage Weeks 2017”

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the great treasures of Chinese nation and it is growing in popularity worldwide in recent decades. Aimed to provide a channel for local TCM lovers to learn more about the the wisdom and charm of traditional Chinese medicine and experience the four diagnostics, namely, inspection, olfaction, inquiring and palpation, on the afternoon of 5th August, 2017, China Cultural Centre in Sydney and Network of International Culture Entities worked hand in hand, presented a talk entitled“Harmony – Oriental Philosophical Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. 

As the final episode of the“China Intangible Cultural Heritage Weeks”series, presenter of the talk Dr. Wang Huiying, Deputy Chief Physician of Department of Cardiology, Shu’guang Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine took a holistic approach to the developing history, present situation, theoretical System and the concept of harmony in TCM.

The talk kicked off by encapsulations of the genesis, evolution and development periods of ancient Chinese medicine. Moving forward onto “Harmony”, Dr Wang expounded on the three main concepts, “The Harmonious Relationship Between the Body and External Environment”, “The Harmonious Interrelationships between the Viscera and the Meridians” and “The Body Is in Unity with Mind”. in conjunction with the introduction of the harmony of yin and yang and the five elements philosophy. 

She said: ”The concept of health includes health of the body and health of the mind. The emotions are the physiological responses of visceral qi, blood, yin and yang. Normally the emotions will not cause disease, but sudden, violent or prolonged emotional stimuli, beyond the range of physiological activities, will cause disorder of qi activity and disharmony of visceral yin, yang, qi and blood which consequently lead to disease.”

Her speech was concluded with an interactive session, by demonstrating the four diagnostic methods aforementioned. Attendees were invited to the stage to experience each examination techniques as they wish and participant were listening attentively and amazed by the demonstration. 

This talk sought to provide an educational opportunity for people who hold interest in TCM, as well as to increase the expansion of interest in TCM and with an overall aim to foster cultural ties of the two nations.

The talk closes the 15-day event on a high note, while the exhibition remains open through 29th August, 2017.

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