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Ancient Shu Civilisation Lecture reveals mysteries of the lost Kingdom

Secrets of the faded away of ancient Shu kingdom have long been one of the major subject of studies among Chinese archaeologists. It has been proved to exist, since the two Sanxingdui Sacrificial Pits have been excavated by Sichuan Provincial Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritages. On September 9, invited by China Cultural Centre (Sydney), President of Sichuan Provincial Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Professor Gao Dalun took the audience on a journey to the rise and fall of the lost kingdom. 

Lecture kicked off by Prof. Gao’s self-directed short film titled “Legends Of Mythological Trees”, in which he familiarized the audience with the current state of Archaeology of China. He analyzed his three topics covering “Wonderful Archaeological Discoveries”, “The Background of Ancient Shu Kingdom” and “The Common Life of Ancient Shu Kingdom” by presenting comprehensive examples and pictures to bring the Legendary Era to vivid life.

Prof. Gao pointed out that “The researches on the ancient shu civilization have to depend on archaeological field work. Historians and Archaeologist should learn from each other. “ 

Aside from his powerpoint presentation, Prof. Gao concluded the talk with his messages further reinforced by well-rounded answers he responded to questions, as well as a series of selected gifts handed out to participated audience members.

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