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“Visit China Where Culture Shines” 2019 Oceania Promotion Event held in Australia

On 26th and 27th August,the 2019 Oceania promotion event “Visit China Where Culture Shines” ,hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and co-organized by China Cultural Centre in Sydney(CCC) and China National Tourist Office in Sydney(CNTO) ,was held in Brisbane and Sydney respectively.

The promotion activities mainly demonstrate the brilliant history and culture of “Beautiful China” and introduce high-quality cultural tourism routes and various preferential policies to the Australian people.

During the event, representatives from China and Australian conducted exchanges and consultations friendly. Both sides expressed their hope to take advantage of the favourable conditions and the increasingly convenient transportation brought by the 2017 China-Australia Tourism Year to promote the rapid development of tourism between China and Australia.

A photo exhibition entitled “Beautiful China: Men, Nature and Harmony” was held at the event site and CCC Exhibition Hall to cooperate with the promotion activities.

Australia is a leading tourist market source in China. In the 2017 China-Australia Tourism Year, the two countries signed an open aviation agreement and carried out visa reforms, which significantly promoted the vigorous development of tourism in China and Australia. In May 2018, China became Australia’s largest inbound tourism market for the first time.

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