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Lighting up Generations: Theme Exhibition of Oil Lamp by Contemporary Chinese Artists, held in Sydney

On 11th October 2019, co-organised by China Cultural Centre(CCC) and Chen Lvsheng Art Museum, the Lighting up Generations: Theme Exhibition of Oil Lamp by Contemporary Chinese Artists was held in CCC.

The Chinese oil lamp has accumulated a rich cultural heritage in its 5,000-year development and represents an essential part of traditional Chinese culture. Chinese oil lamps feature various shapes and materials across different historical periods. These objects embody the wisdom and creation of skilled artisans of past dynasties, showing regional cultural differences and reflecting the diversity of Chinese culture. The oil lamp burning itself to illuminate others is the gentleman’s character that the Chinese have extolled for generations.

Featured with 50 pieces of Chinese paintings of oil lamps, the exhibits have special significance and value that mirrors Chinese literati while looking back on the past.

At the same time, it also shows the connections between the oil lamp and the Chinese culture. The audience could understand the splendour of Chinese oil lamp culture while appreciating the unique charm of the art of Chinese ink paintings. 

All the artists in the display are famous contemporary painters, including Yang Zhiguang, Chen Jialing, Zhang Lichen, Wang Yujue, Fan Di’anDi’an, Tian Liming. The most aged painter who is still alive is Lu Muxun, born in 1928, and the youngest one is also aged over 60. 

The exhibition will remain at the centre until 30th October 2019.

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