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The photo exhibition – China, in the eyes of Australian Chinese photographers opened in Sydney

On 18 December, the photo exhibition – China, in the eyes of Australian Chinese photographers opened at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney. H.E. Gu Xiaojie, Consul general of the Consulate General of P.R. China in Sydney, Mr. Yang Zhi, the Minister counselor of the Embassy of P.R. China in Australia, the cultural consul Mr. Zhang Yingbao, Mr. Xiao Xiayong, Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney and China National Tourist Office in Sydney, Councillor Robert kok of City of Sydney, Hon. Andrew Robb, the former Federal Minister for Trade and Investment, Dr. Helen Sham-Ho, former member of the NSW Leguslative Council were amongst the 100-odd guests presented at the event.

Hon. Andrew Robb and Hon. Helen Sham-Ho enjoy the photography works

The exhibition selected 45 excellent works of three Chinese Australian photographers, Mr. Jiang Changgeng, Zhang Guangqi and Xu Yiping, to present the beautiful natural scenery, profound cultural background and the honest Chinese people from unique perspectives. From the composition to the intention, all the works exhibited present harmonious pictures, harmonious colors and full of vitality, with strong visual impact and artistic appeal.

H.E. Gu Xiaojie watch the displays

The guests discussed the photography skills with the three photographers in this opening. Jiang Shared his experience in photography, pointing out that a good photographic work should have a three-dimensional sense with “color, fragrance and taste”perceptions, while capturing a perfect moments with patience, to maintain a good attitude. 

Many Chinese residing in Australia for many years come to visit the exhibition specially with their Australian relatives and friends. They linger in front of these exhibits, showing great pride and honor for the “beautiful China” reflected in the pictures and the rapid development of the contemporary China.

Guests watch the displays

As a platform and bridge for cultural exchanges between China and Australia, the China Cultural Centre in Sydney invited three Chinese Australian photographers to hold this exhibition, hoping to promote cultural exchanges between China and Australia and deepen the Australian people’s understanding of China by virtue of the borderless and non-linguistic characteristics of photography. 

The exhibition will be on display at the Centre until 15 January, 2020.

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