Charming Beijing

Beijing, the political and cultural center of China, is a famous historical city. It is also known as the six ancient capitals of China with Xi’an, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing, and Hangzhou. The old Beijing has a long history and profound cultural accumulation, forming a distinctive Beijing style. Large-scale emperor palaces, gardens, temples, tombs and other ancient buildings have remained orderly and well-organized after hundreds of years. The Forbidden City, Great Wall,Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace,Beihai Park,and Prince Gong’s Mansion ……, have made the city more cultural and attractive.

Beijing, an ancient and charming city with prosperity of modern city, has bustling pedestrian streets and lively business districts. A sharp variation in seasons can be seen particularly in this city: the suppleness of spring, the passion of summer, the maturity of autumn, and the purity of winter.

In order to welcome the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Game, China Cultural Center in Sydney and China Tourism Office in Sydney has hosted a series of “Visiting China Online” events and jointly launched “Charming Beijing Online Exhibition ” with Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism . With fantastic pictures and videos, this exhibition shows people the ancient Forbidden City, the majestic Great Wall, deep alleys and high-rise fashion streets. It is a culture and tourism exhibition to bring awareness to the community of Australia about the beauty of the ancient but modern city, Beijing. 

Video: Charming Beijing
Video: Winter Olympics
Hosts: China Cultural Centre in Sydney │ Beijing Municipal Bueau of Culture and Tourism
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