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Wonderful Exploration of the Giant Panda Habitat in Sichuan

As one of the activities of China (Sichuan) Giant Panda Culture and Tourism Week (online) 2020, China Cultural Centre and China National Tourism Office in Sydney jointly launched “Wonderful Exploration Of The Giant Panda Habitat In Sichuan” with Department of Culture and Tourism of Sichuan Province. Presenting the natural charm of the giant panda habitat for every panda fan, this online exhibition will take you to discover Sichuan’s ancient history, experience its colorful culture, and appreciate the beautiful scenery.

“I am chubby with dark circles round my eyes.”- Chinese fantastic animal, giant panda. Almost everyone knows what it looks like, but what does the panda’s hometown look like?

Located in Southwest China, Sichuan has the world’s first giant panda discovery site – Baoxing County. Together with seven natural reserves including Wolong, Tangjiahe and Pingwu Wanglang Nature Reserve, and nine scenic spots including Mount Qingcheng – Dujiangyan, these classic attractions have made Sichuan the largest remaining contiguous habitat of the giant panda in the world. Covering an area of 9245 square kilometers, the Giant Panda Habitat Tour is certain the most challenging, yet most magical, experience.

As the national treasure in China, giant panda is not just welcomed in China, but also in the whole world. “Wonderful Exploration Of The Giant Panda Habitat In Sichuan” will gather “online”, and take you to different areas of the Giant Panda Habitat in Chengdu Plain, Western Sichuan, and Northern Sichuan. You will experience Sichuan by exploring the mysterious panda habitats in Fengtongzhai, Tangjiahe and Wanglang nature reserves, perceiving the graceful customs of Tibetan and Qiang ethnic groups, appreciating the magical charm of world natural and cultural heritages such as Mount Qingcheng, Jiuzhaigou Valley, and Leshan Grand Buddha, revealing the life of star pandas, and enjoying the multiple fun of traditional Sichuan cultures such as Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan tea, and Sichuan Opera.

Video: History of the Giant Panda
Video: Pandas Playing

Explore “the hometown of pandas!” Come and join the Giant Panda Wild Tour!

The Giant Panda Wild Tour officially starts now! How beautiful is the panda’s hometown? How enchanting is the ethnic folklore of western and northern Sichuan? How to enjoy the world natural and cultural heritages in the Giant Panda Sanctuaries? Although Sichuan’s adorable giant pandas are known around the world, the secret of their habitat is waiting to be revealed.

Mount Siguniang
Video: Explore “the hometown of pandas!”
Video: A visit to the hometown of pandas

Visit the Panda Base and Experience a Different Sichuan
Ease is the spiritual symbol of both nature and humanity in Sichuan, the Land of Abundance. The comfortable environment of Sichuan not only provides a paradise for the giant panda but also forges a unique landscape and culture of Sichuan. Moreover, it contributes to the classic Sichuan Cuisine featuring various flavors and styles. 

Sichuan Province launched the fun videos of the “Panda Experience Tour” to tourists at home and abroad. The Giant pandas, the most adorable “tour guides” of the “Panda Experience Tour,” will guide tourists to explore the giant pandas’ paradise and taste the gourmet food in southern Sichuan. By visiting more than ten fantastic attractions, tourists will explore a different Sichuan that is fun and satisfies your appetite.

Video: Visit the Panda Base and Experience a Different Sichuan

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China Cultural Centre in Sydney

China National Tourist Office Sydney

Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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