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Discover Gansu along the Silk Road

As the world-famous golden section and hub of the “Silk Road”, Gansu has been an important corridor of trade and civilization exchanges. The “symphony” is composed here painting diverse pictures of exchanges between the West and the East, recording the communication of the ancient and the modern cultures, the interaction of various ethnic customs, a variety of landforms, and the religious arts.

Gansu is a significant birthplace of Chinese civilization. According to Chinese legend, the ancestor of human- Fuxi, Nuwa and Huangdi were born here. It is also endowed with rich cultural deposits with diversified cultural elements represented by the Silk Road Culture, the Yellow River Culture, the Great Wall Culture, and the Primogenitor Culture complimenting each other. “Three thousand miles of the Silk Road, eight thousand years of Chinese civilization” is a high-level summary and vivid portrayal of Gansu.

Located in Northwest China, standing where the Loess Plateau, the Inner Mongolia Plateau, and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau meet, Gansu looks like a jade ruyi (an S-shaped ornamental object, a symbol of good luck). This region enjoys diversified and magnificent natural scenery of Gobi Desert, glaciers, snow peaks, forests, grasslands, the sandy conglomerate Danxia, canyons and caves. The charm of the vast land varies from place to place. The northwest area stirs wonderful fancies in the Hexi Corridor, the Qilian Snow Peaks, and the Desert Oasis. The middle and eastern parts display indefinite wilderness on the Loess Plateau. The southwest offers a sweeping vista across the Gannan Pasture. And luxuriant hills and mountains in the southeast are brilliant eye-catchers.

China Cultural Centre and China National Tourist Office in Sydney has hosted a series of “Visiting China Online” events, and jointly launched “Discover Gansu Along The Silk Road” with Department of Culture and Tourism of Gansu Province. Along the fantasy Silk Road, the beautiful Gansu is vividly displayed. This Exhibition will bring you closer to the famous historical and cultural cities of Gansu, such as Tianshui, Pingliang, Wuwei, Jinchang, Zhangye, Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang. Taste the long history, enjoy the splendid culture, explore the fantastic landscape, and feel the romantic style!

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China Cultural Centre in Sydney

China National Tourist Office Sydney

Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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