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Ala Changso




  • 《阿拉姜色》不是简单的朝圣之旅,主人公们的“朝圣”,已经从物理空间上升到心理空间。导演并没有渲染朝圣之路的艰辛,却着重锁定生命与死亡、爱情与道德、责任与亲情、狭隘与开阔、成长与和解等细节,用简洁单纯却内蕴丰富的细节,呈现了怀揣信仰的藏族人民是如何解决人生困惑的  。(光明网评)
  • 对于《阿拉姜色》而言,朝圣只提供了一个故事背景,它关注的是朝圣者个体在世俗层面的情感和命运。在伦理层面是具有普适性的,这是一个关于承诺、谅解、宽容与爱的故事,丈夫与妻子、继父与继子之间由隔膜或抗拒,逐渐走向了和解。该片在剧作层面是扎实的,而它的确也很像松太加喜欢的是枝裕和的风格,在看似波澜不兴的平静生活中,在一个个隐藏的细节中,涌动着微妙动人的情感 。《北京青年报》评

Ala Changso

Ala Changso is a Tibetan film that reflects the life and religious beliefs of the Tibetan people. “Ala Changso” is a Tibetan transliteration of a folk Tibetan song’s title meaning “Please drink up this cup of good wine”. It tells the story of a woman who conceals her illness and the secret between her and her ex-husband and decides to go on a pilgrimage to Lhasa, with the company of her son and current husband.

Director: Gyal Sonthar 
Script writers: Tashi Dawa, Gyal Sonthar 
Stars: Yungdrung Gyal, Nyima Sungsung, Sechok Gyal  
Genres: Drama, Family
Runtime: 1 Hr 49 Min.

  • Reviews:
    “Ala Changso” is not just a simple pilgrimage, it turns out a delicate psychological and spiritual journey. The director did not emphasize the hardships of the pilgrimage, but focused on the thoughts of life and death, love and morality, responsibility and affection, narrowness and openness, growth and reconciliation. With simple but rich details, the director showed how the Tibetan people with faith solved their puzzles in life. (Comments by Guangming.com)
  • For “Ala Changso”, pilgrimage has provided story context, and it focuses on the individual pilgrims in the secular aspects of emotion and destiny, which is universal. This is a story about commitment, understanding, tolerance and love. The estrangement or resistance between husband and wife, stepfather and stepson gradually leads to reconciliation. The film is a solid drama production, which continues the director’s previous style. In the seemingly quiet life, subtle and moving emotions are surging in the hidden details. (Comments by Beijing Youth Daily)
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