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  • 《无双》与英雄主义的传统港片相比,它的创新与颠覆是显而易见的。观众期待在银幕上看到的,不再是单凭一腔热血凝聚的英雄情怀,而是驾驭故事走向的复杂人性。该片的叙事线条由现实和想象交织而成,精妙的构思和灵活的叙事方式,使理解显得略微有点烧脑,足以带给观众绵长的回味。(《中国青年报》评)

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The criminal group headed by the code name “Painter” has mastered the technology of producing counterfeit banknotes, which is difficult to distinguish between the authenticity and counterfeit, transactions of these trading was worldwide and it has attracted high attention of the police. However, the identity of the “Painter” and his group members has always been a mystery, the police has encountered unprecedented challenges in solving the case. In a critical moment, Li wen who has a talent with painting found a breakthrough in solving the case, and the identity of the “Painter” was beyond imagine to everyone. The film reveals the story of a criminal genius “Painter” together with the genius of counterfeit production Li wen, teaming up to produce super counterfeit banknotes.


The 38th Hong Kong Film Awards
Best film Zhuang Wenqian

Movie Review:

  • Compare to traditional heroic Hong Kong movie, “Wu Shuang”, its creativity and innovation were obvious. What the audience expected to see on the screen was not just the heroic feeling of blood, but the complex story of humanity. The film ‘s narrative lines are intertwined with reality and imagination. The subtle conception and flexible narrative method have made the overall understanding a little brain-burning, which is enough to give the audience a long aftertaste. (Commented by China youth Daily)
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