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Hold Your Hands



第34届大众电影百花奖     最佳女主角 陈瑾
第17届中国电影华表奖     优秀故事片奖


  • 影片通过一系列生动的细节展现了当代乡村风貌,具有鲜活的生活质感。石头砌成的猪舍、屋内燃烧的灶火、围绕在井水边的洗衣池,还有那只不断出现的雄鸡,既让中年观众感受到了久违的乡村气息,带有浓厚的怀旧色彩,又让缺乏农村生活历练的新生代观众看到了当下最真实的农村景象。《十八洞村》带着久违的乡村气息,有着很强的故事性,人物形象鲜明,是一部具有思想性和观赏性的主旋律电影。(海南日报评)

Hold Your Hands​

The film follows the story that a veteran leads villagers to get rid of poverty and seek wealth in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, central China’s Hunan province. Faced with reality, although the villagers hold different thoughts, they all have the expectation to fight for themselves and change their destiny. In the process of getting rid of poverty, they also gain spiritual inspiration, that great changes have taken place on their mindset and lifestyle…

Director: Miao Yue
Writer: Miao Yue
Cast: Wang Xueqi, Chen Jin
Runtime: 124 minutes
Language: Mandarin with English subtitle


  • The film shows the contemporary rural style through a series of vivid details, with a vivid life texture. The pig house made of stone, the burning stove inside the house, the laundry pool surrounding the well water, and the rooster that constantly appeared, not only made the middle-aged audience feel the long-lost rural atmosphere, with a strong nostalgic colour. It also allows the new generation audience who lack experience in rural life to see the most authentic rural scene at the moment. “On Your Hands” is a strong story with clear character image. It is an ideological and ornamental main theme movie.
    (Comment by Hainan Daily)
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