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Dance Drama “Confucius”

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Dance drama  “Confucius”

#Confucius (551-479 BC) is China’s great philosopher and educator. His doctrine on etiquette and benevolence has profoundly influenced China and the world.

One of his famed saying goes: “Since we have come, let us stay and enjoy it.” Follow the advice of the great mind, join us to watch live broadcast of dance drama “Confucius”.

“Confucius” depicts the great philosopher’s tour around the ancient Chinese states. In 497 BC, Confucius left the state of Lu, starting his 14-year journey around other states to promote his philosophical ideas. It’s a journey where dreams didn’t get fulfilled.

“Confucius”, produced by the China National Opera and Dance Drama Theater, is directed by Kong Dexin, a direct descendent of Confucius.

满天下,看到个人情感在历史大背景下的渺小与无奈,看到他坚持将儒家思想传递于世的决心。(中国歌剧舞剧院 供稿)

Director: KONG Dexin     总导演: 孔德辛 

Dance Director: XU Ning     舞蹈总监: 许宁 

Scripter Writer: LIU Chun     编剧: 刘春 

Stage Director: REN Dongsheng, WANG Xingang      舞美总监: 任冬生、王辛刚 

Musical Director: ZHANG Qu     音乐总监: 张渠 

Composer: ZHANG Qu, XIE Peng     作曲:张渠 谢鹏 

Arranger: Ji Peng     编曲配器: 吉鹏 

Stage Designer: LIU Pei     舞美设计: 刘蓓 

Lighting Designer: HU Bo     灯光设计: 胡博 

Costume Designer: YANG Donglin     服装设计: 阳东霖 

Characters 主要演员 :

Confucius: HU Yang     孔子  胡阳 饰 

Concubine: YU Yu     妃  俞瑜饰

Courtier: GUO Haifeng     臣  郭海峰饰 

Lord: ZHU Yin     公  朱寅饰

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