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The Charms of Five Soils—Online Exhibition of Chinese Farmer Paintings


Just as the name implies, Chinese farmer paintings are created by Chinese farmers or peasant artists. Chinese farmer paintings are hand-painted with gouache watercolors on paper. Their compositions are linked with the daily life in rural areas, covering farm work, festivals, village customs, and harvest scenes. With brilliant and vibrant colors, thick lines and exaggerated figure patterns, they are a way for Chinese farmers to depict their vivid rural life and express their views.

In cooperation with Network International Culturalink Entities and China Arts and Entertainment Group Ltd, CCC is launching The Charms of Five Soils——Online Exhibition of Chinese Farmer Paintings, featuring 60 farmer paintings by 27 contemporary farmer-artists selected from Pizhou, honored as “Home of Modern Folk Painting” and “Home of Chinese Folk Cultural Arts” in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. With natural figures, vivid colors, and exaggerated forms, these simple but quality folk artworks reflect the sorrows and joys of contemporary Chinese farmers, and reveal the artistic wisdom and aesthetic appeal of the typical farmers in China.

Xuzhou has been a place where northern and southern culture meets since ancient times. It’s the hometown of Liu Bang, the first emperor of the Han dynasty, and a birthplace of Han dynasty culture. The subjects of farmer paintings in this exhibition are taken from the experience of the daily life in rural communities. They depict the picturesque scenery of the hometown farm, show the moving farm life, or display events like happy festival celebrations. These paintings showcase both social change and continuity of tradition, as well as the lifestyle of modern Chinese villagers, which have distinctive generational characteristics and historical value.

We hope that this exhibition could promote culture and art exchange, and encourage friendship between China and Australia. Let’s appreciate the Chinese farmer paintings and experience the charm of Chinese folk art.

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