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The Fragrance of Spirit

China’s largest province, Xinjiang is the homeland of the Muslim Uyghurs and a fast-changing region where ancient and modern grind up against each other in surprising ways. As a part of the Silk Road, the area is a great mix of various minority nationalities and sights ranging from snowy mountains to deserts, and from the exotic cultures of central Asia to the Middle East. Weiling Jiang, a well-known Chinese female artist born in Xinjiang, inspired by Xinjiang’s rich cultural and artistic heritage, created unique works through her long-term practice. The ancient Qiuci Mural and mysterious Tibetan folk art strike a chord with Jiang which leads to her distinctive personal painting style.

With a unique personal style, Jiang is a member of the Chinese Artists Association and a researcher at the Institute of Gongbi Painting, Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University. Most of her works are created based on the Western Regions Buddhist Art. To find out the essence of Buddhist art, she has visited Kizil, Kumturla, Turpan and other grottoes. Whether it is the content or the form, lines or colors, her creations deliver a strong artistic impact. Jiang’s works have been awarded many prizes in China’s national exhibitions. She has held exhibitions in Finland, Japan, India, France and various other countries. Her works have been collected by the National Museum of China and the Chinese Women and Children’s Museum.

China Cultural Centre in Sydney and the Institute of Gongbi Painting, Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, will jointly launch an online exhibition-Fragrance of the Spirit, selecting 40 masterpieces by Weiling Jiang including “Samarkand’s garden”, “Fragrance of the Spirit”and “Auspicious cloud”, forming a separate exhibition online which echoes with the theme of “AIR WATER LOVE – A Dialogue between Chinese and Australian Artists”. These outstanding works showcases a unique artistic style and will contribute to the Australian public’s better understanding of contemporary Chinese female art.

Auspicious Cloud

My Daughter’s Favourite Song

Samarkand’s Garden

Lonely  Lover


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