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Chinese Culture Talk is a cultural exchange program sponsored by the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China. Through a series of lectures on Chinese philosophy, religion, literature, art, clothing, cuisine, sport, medicine and traditional culture-related subjects, it aims to deepen exchanges and mutual learning between China and other countries in the political, academic, and cultural circles.

China Cultural Centre in Sydney is proud to present the Chinese Culture Talk on our official website. Two lectures will be released in the first episode. One is “Bronze Culture and Chinese Civilization” lectured by Peng Lin, a senior professor in Tsinghua University, which introduces the development of ancient Chinese bronze culture. Selecting three representative bronze cultural relics-The Four-goat Square Zun, Bianzhong of Marquis Yi of Zeng and the Yi Sword of Goujian, Professor Peng reveals the great achievements of ancient Chinese bronze culture and the origins of ritual and music culture. In the other lecture “Chinese Clothing: Its Past and Present”, Professor Chu Yan from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology will talk about the costumes of different periods in China for more than a thousand years, and you will have a chance to experience the charm of Chinese costume.

Chinese bronzes represent one of the most remarkable achievement in the whole history of metal-craft before modern times. Costumes, together with cities, characters, jade and bronzes have significant meanings and promoted the development of Chinese civilization. We hope these online lectures on Chinese culture will showcase the charm of Chinese culture and promote exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and Australian.


Bronze Culture and Chinese Civilisation

The Chinese bronze culture is extensive and profound with a long history. A large number of various unearthed bronze artefacts are characterized with beautiful modelling and superb casting techniques. Such bronze relics as the exquisite ritual vessels, musical instruments and weapons are regarded as important gems of the world’s cultural treasure house.

Peng Lin, senior professor of School of Humanities of Tsinghua University, and director of the Research Centre of Chinese Ritual of Tsinghua University  gives an overall introduction to the different periods of the bronze culture in ancient China. This talk focuses on three representative bronze artefacts: Square Zun with Four Sheep, Chime-bells from the Tomb of Marquis Yi of the Zeng State, and Sword of Gou Jian, King of Yu, with the purpose of illustrating the outstanding achievements of Chinese bronze  culture and the origin of Chinese ritual and music civilization, and building a bridge to understand the Chinese culture and explore the ancient Chinese Civilizations from  a bronze artefacts’ perspective.


Chinese Clothing: Past and Present

Since ancient times, China has been known as the kingdom of clothing and ceremonies. The art of traditional costume is also an important part of China’s profound culture. In the past  thousands of years, different dynasties have their own style of clothing. There are also many different ethnic minorities in China, and the clothing of each ethnic group is also unique.

Chu Yan, an associate professor at the School of Fashion Art and Engineering of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and one of China’s top ten fashion designers will take viewers through Chinese history, appreciate the elegant costumes of different periods in China over a thousand years. Experience the splendid and long-standing costume culture of China and the innovative power of modern and contemporary China that integrates ancient and modern, open and inclusive, and connects China and the West.

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