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China Cultural Centre in Sydney Welcomed the First Group of Guests to Experience the Chinese New Year of the Sheep

As part of the “Happy Chinese New Year” series for 2015, the Hands-on Experience of Chinese New Year exhibition took place in the China Cultural Centre in Sydney. On February 12th, more than 20 kindergarten students from The Tree House (ages ranging from 2-5) visited the Centre accompanied by teachers and parents, becoming the first group of guests to visit the exhibition.

In order to give the children an authentic and meaningful Chinese New Year experience, the staff from the Cultural Centre organised fun and interesting activities, including a brief introduction of traditional Chinese New Year customs, short quizzes, a video clip of Chinese zodiac animals, as well as numerous craft activities. With many eager and smiling faces, the children showed great interest in the event. The teachers and parents present expressed their gratitude to the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, and hoped that their children would have opportunities to experience and participate in the Chinese New Year every year in the future. The children also specially prepared two “thank you” cards to the Centre as well as its staff, extending their thankfulness for the hard work put into the event and hospitality they had received. 

Mrs. Zhao Li, director of the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, said that events like this would generate more interest from the local young generation towards Chinese culture, helping them become envoys of the friendship between China and Australia in the future.

This event is the start of the “Hands-on Experience of Chinese New Year” exhibition. In the following week, there will be approximately 200 students from five different local schools in Sydney to visit the Centre and enjoy the happiness and blessings of the Chinese New Year. 

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