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Waist Drum and Dance Applauded by Visitors on Lunar Street in Sydney

On February 14th 2015, the day following the launch of the 19th Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration, “Lunar Street” was officially launched – a celebrating parade proving to be energetic, lively and lavishly decorated, buzzing with a joyous festive atmosphere.

With typical northern Shanxi flair and style, the Waist Drum and Dance Group from the China Cultural Centre in Sydney drew a great deal of attention from the audience as they performed along Sussex Street, with the group frequently being stopped for picture-taking by enthralled sightseers. The group received cheerful and long-lasting applause, their colourful presence adding considerably to the festive scene emerging on “Lunar Street”. 

Formed at the end of July 2014, the Waist Drum and Dance Group of the China Cultural Centre in Sydney consists of members from the Black Swan Dance Group, all of whom have extensive dancing experience, being intensively trained by professional dance and waist drum coaches. Their presence during the Lunar Street festival was warmly welcomed, and the Waist Drum and Dance Group, as well as the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, were highly congratulated by staff from the Arts, Culture and Creative sector of Sydney on their enormous contribution to the celebration of the Lunar New Year.

The Council of Sydney reports that, in an effort to deliver a full spectrum of Asian entertainment, food and culture, “Lunar Street” will cover the main streets of China Town, Thai Town, and Korea Town. 

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