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New South Wales Students Took Part in Chinese Paper Cutting and Clay Sculpture Making

On September 18th, the China Cultural Centre in Sydney organised classes to introduce Foshan paper cutting and Dawu clay sculpture, items that are listed on the inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in China. Warmly welcomed by both students and teachers, Yao Baolian and Wu Wenxin, inheritors of Foshan paper cutting and Dawu clay sculpture respectively, conducted the lessons, displaying their own stunning art work.

Berala Public School and Marsden High School took part in this event, with more than 100 students attending overall. Both students and teachers showed their great interest in the activities. Some students also elected to provide contact details so that they could be kept up-to-date with the artists’ work in the future. Both schools were able to keep samples of the artists’ work that day so that future students would also be able to have a chance to appreciate the delicate skill of Chinese paper cutting. 

This event is part of a series of school programs organised by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney. This series of school programs is specifically catered for the younger generation of Australia. Through such events, the China Cultural Centre in Sydney hopes to share Chinese culture, as well as the inherent universal values associated with the culture, with the Australian public through rich and diverse means.

Following this event, the Centre will also have exhibitions of Guangdong Cultural Week, Foshan paper cutting, Dawu clay sculpture, micro calligraphy on ceramics, clay pot making and other special Intangible Cultural Heritage items of China. 

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