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04:00 to 05:59
Level 1, 151 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia


Time & Dates: 3-4 pm, Saturday 6 June 2015
Venue: China Cultural Centre in Sydney
Cost: Free
RSVP is essential via info@cccsydney.org

Session Information 

Targeted at people who are interested in Mandarin but have not (yet) started learning the language, the objective of this culture immersion session is to introduce you to Mandarin in a fun, interactive, and practical manner. You will learn how the Chinese language originated and evolved, how to read and prononce modern-day Mandarin (via PinYin), and how to use simple words and phrases in conversational Mandarin. At the end of the session, you should be able to read and speak a few basic words and phrases in Mandarin, participate in mini-conversations in Mandarin, and (hopefully!) find learning Mandarin to be a fun, interesting and fruitful endeavour. 

Prior knowledge and experience in Mandarin are not required, but an inquisitive, open and enthusiastic attitude will help you benefit the most out of this culture immersion session. 

Further information

Chinese Culture Immersion Sessions are conceptualized, structured, and presented wholly by CCC volunteers, under the guidance and assistance of CCC staff.

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