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“A Selection of Artworks by Chinese Artists” exhibition held at China Cultural Centre in Sydney

More than 100 hand-picked masterpieces from an array of established Chinese artists were exhibited at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney on the 22nd of May. Lovers of art and cultural enthusiasts alike excitedly attended the opening ceremony of “A selection of Artworks by Chinese Artists”.

“This exhibition shows the rich history of Chinese painting and calligraphy, with an emphasis on its significance in both Chinese traditional culture as well as throughout worldwide civilization”, Mr. Li Huaxin, Consul-General of China in Sydney said in his address.

The artwork itself displays stunning examples of calligraphy, traditional Chinese ink and wash paintings, oil paintings, and Chinese seal engravings, with diverse themes, forms and styles, representing a diversification of Chinese art forms. 

“The exhibition showcases the unique characteristics and delicate intricacies of Chinese painting and calligraphy”, said Mrs. Zhao Li, director of the Centre.

Also participating in the opening ceremony, Mr. Ernest Wong, MLC, NSW Parliament, and Mr. Robert Kok, Councillor of the City of Sydney, both pointed out the “high standard of displayed artwork”, sharing their perspectives on the “vitality of Chinese culture”.

As an additional treat, Chinese artists also performed an improvisation of painting and calligraphy during the opening ceremony, contributing a wonderful, lively atmosphere to the event.

“This live performance was absolutely stunning, and I was totally impressed by their skills and work”, commented a member of the audience.

This exhibition will display at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney until 26th of May. 

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