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Health Qi Gong practice workshop held in China Cultural Centre in Sydney

Organized by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, the health Qi Gong workshop was kicked off on 6th June in the Centre. Led by Professor Qin Zilai, senior lecturer from Wuhan University who dedicates over 30 years in the study and promoting Chinese traditional martial arts, this empirical journey of health Qi Gong practice turned out to be enriching.

“Health Qi Gong includes a series of movements coupled with breathing techniques and the utilisation of energy, aiming to achieve the physical and mental balance as well as well-being.” As Professor Qin introduced and continued to say that,“ the practice of health Qi Gong brings us a status of peace, health and harmony.”

After the introduction, Professor Qin and a few other instructors provided a vivid demonstration accompanied by the elegant tunes. Guided by Professor Qin, participants also had the opportunity to experience a practical tryout of the Qi Gong movement. 

“I was deeply thrilled by the instructors’ performance, this makes me even more interested in Chinese traditional martial arts, I will surely sign up for the upcoming Qi Gong and Tai Chi courses at China Cultural Centre in Sydney.” said one of the Australian participants.

In order to cater for local Australians’ increasing interest of and demand in learning and understanding Chinese traditional health practice, China Cultural Centre in Sydney will launch its eight-session Qi Gong and Tai Chi courses from 27th June to 15th August. 

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