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Chinese Cultural Immersion Sessions kicked off at China Cultural Centre in Sydney

A group of Chinese language enthusiasts with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds attended an Introduction to Mandarin session held by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney. The class was designed and run by a group of Chinese volunteers, being the first of a series in Chinese Cultural Immersion Sessions.
As part of the session, the participants were introduced to the evolutionary development of Chinese characters through the study of ancient Chinese pictograms. Basic knowledge of the pinyin system and the four tones was also given, allowing the group to grasp the distinctive way in which Mandarin is spoken and to read and form basic sentences.
“I really enjoyed the course, it allowed me to learn so much in a fun and comfortable atmosphere” said an Australian participant. Towards the end of the session, participants were given the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice, performing short paired conversations. This was a fun and engaging experience, with each participant receiving a small gift from the Centre as an encouragement.

“The whole session was very interesting, I felt time passed very quickly. I wish the length of this course could have been longer!” An Indonesian mandarin learner commented.

The China Cultural Centre in Sydney will continue its Chinese Culture Immersion Sessions, with a variety of different themes planned for the future.

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