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“Charm of Hunan – Hunan Culture Season” opened in China Cultural Centre in Sydney

Hosted by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney and the Culture Department of Hunan Province, the opening ceremony for “Charm of Hunan – Hunan Culture Season” and “Fantastic Hunan” Animation Exhibition was held on 18th September at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney.

The ceremony started with the introductory documentary of Hunan province, followed by speeches delivered from main guests present at the Centre.

“Hunan as a pioneer and leader in this area in China has indeed a lot to offer; we want to enhance the connectivity and cooperation between Chinese and Australian animation, comic and game business”, Mrs. Zhao Li, Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney said.

“Hunan with a long history, rich land, outstanding talents and profound cultural deposits is well known as an important source of Chinese civilisation”, Mrs. Tang Ying, Deputy Consul-General of China in Sydney noted. She also believed that “our friends in Sydney will build up a more vivid and comprehensive view on Chinese culture through this Hunan event”.

During the two-month Hunan Culture Season, it will showcase the charm and colorfulness of both traditional as well as modern cultures of Hunan province, through two main exhibitions, namely, “Fantastic Hunan” Animation Exhibition, and “Amazing Hunan” Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition. 

“Hunan Culture Season will help Australian people to understand the culture of Hunan, become a window to spread Chinese culture, and serve as a bridge for cultural exchange and mutual friendship between China and Australia”, Mrs. Li Hui, Director General of Culture Department of Hunan Province said.

Also pointed out by Mr. Ernest Wong that “animation now becomes part of education, part of industry, part of commercial aspects, so animation now covers very different aspects of the whole new face of the culture that we are facing”.

Mr. Mark Coure, MP, also extended his gratitude to the Centre, and he believed that the “relationship is strengthened by organisations such as the China Cultural Centre that offers a platform for cultural exchange between Australia and China”.

Apart from the exhibitions, “Charm of Hunan – Hunan Culture Season” also includes intercollegiate find arts exchange, providing chances for young art students to experience local culture, customs, and to encourage their enthusiasm for creation.

From 19th September to 10th October (except 1st, 2nd, 3rd October), the Animation Exhibition will present the development of animation industry in Hunan through program broadcast, game experience, parent-child challenge and derivative products fair in four exhibition areas at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney. 

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