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Chinese and Australian companies explored cooperative opportunities in animation industry

On the occasion of “Fantastic Hunan Animation Exhibition”, part of the “Charm of Hunan – Hunan Culture Season”, a promotion meeting was specifically organised by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney between leading animation companies from Hunan and representatives from relevant industries in Australia, providing both parties an opportunity to communicate and seek for future cooperative possibilities.

The meeting was participated by Chinese representatives from Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon Co. Ltd, Hunan Shanmao Cartoon. Co. Ltd, Hunan Kemi Culture & Technology Co. Ltd, Hunan Shanxi Culture & Entertainment Co. Ltd, Changsha Upstream Network & Technology Co,. Ltd; and Australian representatives from Academy of Interactive Entertainment, Flying Bark Productions, Seven Network, Essential Media and Entertainment, Animal Logic, The Magnificent Itch.

During the meeting, Chinese representatives gave introductions of the companies, illustrated animated products, talked about competitive edges in details, elaborated promotion and sales channels, and explained future cooperative opportunities and modes to present audience respectively. 

“We sincerely seek for cooperation in regards to animation distribution and sales, cooperative agencies of animation derivative products, as well as animation brand licensing”, said one representative from Hunan Shanmao Cartoon. Co. Ltd.

“We welcome cooperation through various modes as one-off buyout (Exclusive agency), copyright or cash deposit + profit share, and pure cooperation”, she continued.

Australian representatives also inquire about “production costs” and “development duration” and other aspects of animation production and mobile game development.

“Fantastic Hunan Animation Exhibition” will be on display at the China Cultural Centre in Sydney from 19th September to 10th October (except 1st, 2nd, 3rd October). 

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