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Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney reveals plans for New Year exhibition and outlook for 2016

Having recently launched the “Hands-on Experience of Chinese New Year”, an initial program in the “Happy Chinese New Year 2016” series event, China Cultural Centre in Sydney has now adorned itself with Chinese New Year decorations, and is ready to display a variety of Spring Festival themed cultural experiences to the general public of Australia.

On the 12th of January a joint interview with Mrs. Zhao Li, Director of China Cultural Centre in Sydney, was conducted by Phoenix News, China News, China Radio International and People’s Daily, specifically focusing on the Centre’s program schedule during the Chinese New Year, as well as the Centre’s development status.

“The current “Hands-on Experience of Chinese New Year” exhibition in the Centre is the first event of this year’s “Happy Chinese New Year” series. It introduces background knowledge and facts related to the origin, development, and celebration of Chinese New Year through the form of display boards”, Director Zhao said.

“This year, the Centre will receive approximately 250 students from 7 local schools to this exhibition. Apart from experiencing classic Spring Festival activities such as paper cutting, riddle guessing, writing spring couplets, picture-taking, Chinese traditional costume wearing, and so forth, the students and other visitors will also get to appreciate the performance and display of Chinese folk artwork from Sydney-based Chinese folk artists”, the Director further elaborated.

Mrs. Zhao also mentioned that the Centre’s New Year program series will also include an array of events presented outside of the Centre, covering other locations in Sydney metropolitan areas, as well as interstate.

“In the lead up to and during the Chinese New Year, we will also join hands with Westfield Australia, delivering a workshop to allow visitors to experience paper-cutting and Chinese calligraphy within Sydney CBD (Westfield, Sydney). There will also be a Chinese music performance in Westfield Parramatta, as well as a performance of Chamber Music in the Chinese Garden of Friendship. These performances are designed to appeal to those who are interested in Chinese music with both Eastern and Western influences, uniting traditional and modern elements.” said the Director.

“In addition to these events, China Cultural Centre in Sydney will hold another two special events: “Stories of Life” Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, and the Chinese New Year Concert 2016, which will be firstly held in Adelaide, then followed by the Sydney tour.”

When asked about the Centre’s future plans for 2016, Director Zhao shared her excitement for the upcoming year, also specifically mentioning the “Contemporary Chinese Art Festival” and “Exhibition of Innovative Designs”, two events that will be held in April and June respectively.

“I look forward to these events in 2016, and I hope that, through these exhibitions, the world can feel a sense of the development of contemporary Chinese art, as well as perceive Chinese people’s current lifestyle and the social status of modern China. I believe the further exchange of ideas and communication between different cultures will eventually lead to much deeper mutual understanding and appreciation.” 

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