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Chinese Ink Painting Workshop a big hit with local Australians

In order to fulfill the growing desire for local Australians to learn and study Chinese ink painting, as well as provide opportunities for hands-on experience, China Cultural Centre in Sydney presented a specially-designed painting workshop on the 23rd of January for local residents.

To achieve a better experience for the participants, the workshop was separated into four classes, with ten people attending each session. The lessons began by introducing background knowledge of Chinese ink painting, followed by drawing practice with simple strokes and rudimentary structures under careful guidance.

Participants were excited to be involved, becoming greatly immersed in the creative process. During the lessons, students shared their newly-created pieces with each other as well as the instructor.

“I’ve definitely gained more knowledge about Chinese ink painting. This workshop makes me more obsessed, and I also get to make friends who share common interests”, one student commented.

In addition to the painting workshop, the Centre will also hold another workshop on the 30th of January welcoming anyone who is keen to take part in Chinese Tai Chi and Qi Gong exercises. 

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