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New Year celebration with representatives from Chinese enterprises and overseas Chinese individuals

Accompanied by the melodious Chinese musical pieces presented by Shanxi Folk Music Orchestra, Sydney-based representatives of Chinese enterprises, as well as select overseas Chinese individuals, were invited to China Cultural Centre in Sydney for a special New Year celebration on the night of the 22nd of January.

Director Zhao Li extended her warm welcome and sincere greetings to all present guests. This was then followed by a brief sharing of the Centre’s development during the previous year.

“The Centre has achieved a fruitful year by delivering a wide selection of programs, events, activities, classes, seminars, and so forth – not only accomplishing our expected goals, but also receiving extensive acknowledgement from the Australian general public.”

Mrs. Zhao also took the opportunity to offer her sincere gratitude to all the supportive parties involved in the promotion and facilitation of cultural exchange and cooperation between China and Australia. She hoped that the overseas Chinese would maintain their current aspiration and diligence, continuously boosting the development of local Chinese communities, and achieving broader integration in Australian society.

Having dedicated itself as a window to showcase the vibrancy of Chinese culture, the Centre also serves as a platform for dialogue, exchange, cooperation as well as friendship-making, and is also a bridge to provide information services between Chinese and Australian governments, corporations, and peoples.

“We’re committed to enhancing deeper understanding between these two countries, helping each other appreciate their distinct cultures. The Centre also has a role and responsibility to assist overseas Chinese individuals to further blend into local society”, said the Director.

She continued to emphasise that “the Centre will strive for further improvements in this upcoming year by drawing on previous experiences, and we would love to receive more constructive suggestions pertaining to the Centre’s future development”.

During the event, guests also enthusiastically exchanged ideas relating to future cooperation opportunities in the promotion of Chinese culture in Australia. 

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