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Sydney local students experience Chinese New Year exhibition in CCCSYD

With the exhibition: “Hands-on Experience of Chinese New Year” having already received much praise from Australia locals, the China Cultural Centre in Sydney continues to open its doors to eager visitors. On the 3rd of February, the Centre welcomed approximately 50 primary school students from Mosman Church of England Preparatory School, encouraging students to experience traditional Chinese customs in the lead up to the Lunar New Year.

Fully decorated with the classic Chinese gate, lanterns, Chinese knots, spring couplets, Chinese paper-cutouts, and a whole variety of other New Year ornaments, the exhibition hall also contains a number of display boards introducing facts and history related to the origin, development, and celebration of the Chinese New Year. 

Arranged by the Centre, visiting students had the options of experiencing and practicing Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting, riddle-guessing, Chinese name-creating, as well as the opportunity to take pictures wearing Chinese New Year costumes.

Divided into four groups, students alternated activities every 20 minutes, with some taking pictures in front of the Chinese gate, while others immersed themselves in figuring out answers to riddles. 

“It’s so much fun knowing what my Chinese name is and how to write it, and getting my own paper-cutouts done”, said one of the participating students.

“Thank you for organising such an interesting event for our students. I believe the kids had a wonderful time here by learning and practicing Chinese traditional culture,” said one of the teachers to the Centre’s staff.

Mrs. Zhao Li, Director of the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, commented “The series events of ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ aims to showcase different aspects of Chinese traditional culture during the period of the Lunar New Year, with the hope of contributing to Australian multiculturalism as well as providing opportunities for the general public to obtain hands-on experience specifically related to the Chinese New Year”. 

This exhibition will receive another 200 students from 6 local schools on the 24th and 25th of February respectively, inviting more Australian youth to experience and share in the traditions and festive ambiance surrounding the Chinese New Year.
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