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“Paper-cutting and Chinese Calligraphy” workshop continues to bring Lunar New Year festivities to Sydney locals

As the Chinese New Year Exhibition continues, engaging with a variety of Sydney locals, the “Paper-cutting and Chinese Calligraphy Experience” workshop (part of the Happy Chinese New Year Series) was also introduced on the 5th of February. Held at Westfield Shopping Centre in Hurstville, in association with Westfield Group Australia, the China Cultural Centre in Sydney hosted a lively public event designed to promote the New Year festivities.

This workshop encompassed four sessions, giving a detailed introduction of Chinese paper-cutting and Chinese name-writing using traditional Chinese calligraphy. Using the talents of artists Mr. Cunde Wang and Mrs. Dadi Xiong, members of the public within the shopping centre were able to have their English names translated into Chinese and personally written out in the Chinese calligraphy style.

“Chinese characters are so cool, I’m really excited to see my name written in Chinese”, said a young participant after receiving artwork from Mr. Wang. 

Coupled with background knowledge of the origin, meaning and development of this beautiful art form, the workshop was also designed for both children and adults to practice the creative process of paper-cutting.

“Paper-cutting is one of the traditions for Chinese people during New Year time. The artwork will normally be stuck on windows during traditional Chinese festivals to create the joyous atmosphere. The paper-cuts also feature subjects that symbolise luck, well-wishes, harmony and happiness for the upcoming year”, said artist Dadi Xiong.

As the workshop continued, visitors continuously joined in for interaction and practice. Instructed by the skillful Mrs. Xiong, groups of participants attempted to recreate various Chinese New Year themed cutouts, using slow and deliberate cuts to create small pieces of art.

“This is the first time for me to experience Chinese paper-cutting, and I’m really happy to get my own Chinese New Year present”, said one of the participants. 

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce Chinese traditional customs to Australian public in the time leading up to the Chinese Lunar New Year. We wish everyone a happy new year, and that this lively festival can be shared around the world”, Mr. Wang said.

Mr. Cunde Wang has devoted himself to drawing and painting, with figure painting being his favoured style. Filled with innovative ideas and exotic features, Wang uses distinct forms, colours, textures, decorations, as well as other various elements, to depict the current age, and to represent the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Mrs. Dadi Xiong developed her interest in Chinese knotting since childhood, and has devoted herself to learning and promoting the art of traditional Chinese knots. Her knotted designs reflect the beauty of classic Chinese tradition with its deep art philosophy, which, in turn, create exquisite and elegant artistic effects. 

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