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“Chinese Garden Chamber Music 2016” – East meets West in Sydney’s Chinese Garden

Chinese traditional music lovers were delighted to attend the recently held event “Chinese Garden Chamber Music” – an enchanting performance held within Sydney’s scenic Chinese Garden of Friendship.
Organised by the China Cultural Centre in Sydney, in conjunction with the Sydney Foreshore Harbour Authority, great care was taken to provide the attending audience with an elegant, magical experience within the atmospheric Chinese garden setting. The event also received huge support from China Construction Bank (Sydney branch).
Directed by well-known Australian musician, John Huie, the performance team was comprised of five instrumental masters from Zhejiang National Music Orchestra, as well as another three renowned Australian musicians. The combination of Chinese and Western musical styles amidst the peaceful sway of trees and still waters conjured up images of harmony and integration, being the guiding theme for the entire concert.
Featuring both Chinese and Western musical pieces such as Nanni Wan, Lift up your Veil, Butterfly Lovers, Black Market, and Cello Solo Sonata opus 8 by Zoltan Kodaly 1915, the repertoire consisted of 15 select and specially arranged programs. The 2-hour performance aimed to provide the purest musical experience to local audiences, creating a harmonious combination between the two distinct music genres.

Artistic Director of the concert, John Huie, believed that the performance was a seamless blend of great musical cultures, and the selected programs showed just how similar Western and Chinese musical styles can be, and how they can work beautifully together.

“We are very fortunate to have the collaboration of such talented instrumental masters from China and Australia performing these works, and particularly in such a perfect, open air setting as the Chinese Garden”, said Mr. Huie.
Ending with the uplifting piece You and Me, the following, long-lasting applause was given as a lively and sincere show of respect for the musicians’ exquisite skills and dedication.
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