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“Treasures of the Nation” Chinese New Year Concert 2016 Adelaide premiere night

Co-hosted by China Cultural Centre in Sydney (CCCSYD) and the Adelaide Festival Centre (AFC), supported by Ausfeng, “Treasures of the Nation” Chinese New Year Concert 2016 premiered in Adelaide at the Dunstan Theatre on the 18th of February, being the first collaborated event between CCCSYD and the AFC after the monumental agreement was signed by both parties on the 5th of February 2016.

As another collaboration between CCCSYD and AFC during the year of the Monkey, the concert aimed to bring authentic and lively Chinese traditional music to Adelaide residents. 

Performed by the Chinese Music Orchestra of China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT), the Australian debut of “Treasures of the Nation” was truly a spectacular experience, merging the traditional with the contemporary.

Relying heavily on the use of traditional musical instruments such as erhu, guzheng, yangqin and pipa, the prestigious CNODDT delivered their repertoire of popular instrumental pieces, inviting their audience on a journey to discover a new world of music.

Opening with “Spring Festival Overture”, the theatre was immediately immersed in the festivities of Chinese New Year. Followed by the rhythmic “Golden Snake Dancing Wildly” and the peaceful “Deep in the Night”, audience members were mesmorised by the change of the rhythms, and completely entranced by the skills of the instrumental masters.

“The performance was absolutely impressive, it’s lovely to see such high quality performance during Chinese New Year”, said one member after the concert.

China National Opera & Dance Drama Theatre (CNODDT) Chinese Music Orchestra has a history of over 50 years since its establishment. During its performance practice over the past decades, it has formed a unique artistic style and fostered a large number of performers with high artistic attainments. As a renowned national-level orchestra at home and abroad, (CNODDT) Chinese Music Orchestra has accumulated many transitional and popular instrumental music works in the history of Chinese music, which has become long-playing and highly-appreciated repertoires.

“Treasures of the Nation” will continue its Australian tour to Sydney and Canberra on the 20th and 22nd of February respectively. 

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